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Getting SSL is very important if your site deals with sensitive information like identity information, credit card numbers, or other confidential records. SSL provides a way for an online business owner to be trusted by their customers. The SSL certificate change the URL of your site from http:// to https://, and this is a way for your customers to make sure that their information is kept safe. In an unsecured site, when the customer submit sensitive information, it is sent over the internet in plain text and any identity thieves can make use of it. But In a secured site, the SSL certificate turns that information into random letters, numbers and symbols and sent over the Internet along with a key so that only those with the proper decoding keys can get this information. SSL Certificate is very important for someone involved in an online business.

Does GreenGeeks offer Shared SSL certification?
First let me explain what this shared SSL certificate is. Some web hosts have their own SSL certificates and they let to let you use its shared SSL certificate free of charge. The drawback to this type of free SSL certificate is that your secured pages would appear something like this: https://secure.yourhost name/~xxxxx. Another drawback is that if something happens and you migrate your business Web site, you lose your SSL certificate. GreenGeeks does not offer Shared SSL Certificate.

Can I install private SSL certificate?
Yes. You can install private SSL certificate on your main domain name. SSL certificates cannot be installed on a parked domain, sub domain or addon domain. You will need a Dedicated IP address to be able to use SSL certificate. Login to your greengeeks cpanel and generate a KEY and Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

You can purchase SSL certificate from any SSL certificate issuer using this CSR. Once they issue a Certificate (CERT/CRT), contact greengeeks support with it either attached or in the body of the e-mail and they will install it for you.

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